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Our goal? To share our adventures with our readers. Our trips are sometimes crazy, but they’re always delicious!

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Dorothy Kern is the professional food blogger behind Crazy for Crust. Throughout her time blogging, she’s done quite a few travel posts for hotels and brands like HGTV. Food and travel go hand in hand; discovering delicious new recipes and restaurants can help create vacation memories that last a lifetime. Her travel stories will detail her experiences with business travel and family vacations, often told through a food blogger lens.

Mel Kern is an IT executive who travels weekly for business. He has stayed in numerous hotels, been in countless airports, and looked for places to eat in every nook and cranny of the USA. He hopes to share his tips and tricks for choosing the best hotels, cars, and flights to make your work trip feel more like home.

Together, Mel and Dorothy will share their travels as a family. With one pre-teen daughter, they’ve gotten adept at finding family-friendly hotels and restaurants that cater to picky eaters, as well as find attractions that pass even the tween boredom test.

We are based out of Sacramento, California, but are open to travel wherever the wind takes us.

Dorothy’s Crazy for Crust social reach is over 700,000. We would love to partner with your hotel, airline, restaurant, or any other brand that fits with our point of view. Please contact Dorothy at for more information.

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